Sunday, 20 May 2007

USA Blog Entry 1: Beginner Photographer on South West trip

RichK is a keen photographer and many of you wil have seen the lovely firework shots he posts here.
Rich was very keen to come on the latest photosig trip to the USA South West and I jumped at the chance to come along as long as I had some reasonable photgraphy kit to use. So armed with the backup camera and spare lenses I came to the USA for the first time. I've only used simple cameras before this so be gentle....

Saturday Red Rock Crossing - my best shot of the reflection pool, and Rich being asked to take someone's photo (psst he's on holiday)

Sunday Oak Creek Canyon and Slide Rock State Park

Monday travel to Grand Canyon, And in the evening we went for meal with Tim and Dawn and Rich had Rattlesnake whilst I settled for Chicken.

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